Horse and its Life since long ago

horse-lifeHorses have been a way of life and the main form of transportation for centuries when it gradually got replaced by automotive vehicles, for obvious reasons they stayed along, however, their numbers dropped considerably and were used only for pleasure and sport. The horses on Curacao prior to the 1970’s were called Paso Paseo and used by their owners for pleasure rides with their friends especially on Sundays and other public holidays. Renaud Cijntje at that time joined a group of Horse lovers buying his first Paseo

555035Horse in Colombia, during his stay in that country he got to see and admire the Classic Paso Fino horses, during such a trip he got carried away by the idea of importing this breed and start with shows on the Island of Curacao. In 1974 he imported his first Classic Paso Fino mare by the name of “Condesa”. In June 1979 Renaud called upon this group of Horse aficionados such as Leo Royer, Ludo Selhorst, Philip Theeboom, David Vos and Benjamin Willems,to present them his ideas in getting the Paso Fino sport organized on Curacao, the first informative meeting took place on June 22nd, 1979 and the group immediately decided to join forces to realize this plan.hor_01_kh0082_01_p

During the following meeting each person involved would bring suggestions with regard to the name of the newly to be formed Association, it was proposed by David Vos to call it “ASOSASHON PASO FINO CORSO” and by a majority of the members present accepted.On February 4th, 1980 the temporary board, consisting of the above-mentioned persons,worked out rules and regulations of the Association and those were formally approved by the Governor of the Netherlands Antilles on March 18th, 1980, on that date obviously ASPAFICO got his formal status and the first board was elected.