Black Jack History

To this day, the origin of the game Blackjack remains hotly debated. Many researchers still can’t figure out how the game started but a lot of them seem to agree that the game probably started in France during the 18th century. It was called then Vingt-et-un which means 21. Let’s delve deeper into the history of the game Blackjack and how it came to be popular in casinos the world over.

Spreading to America

            French Colonization

            The French brought the game to American through trading with their colonies, where it gained popularity and spread like wildfire throughout the entire continent. The rules of this Americanized Blackjack are vastly different to the Blackjack we know today. Only the dealer is allowed to double and betting round was present between dealing of the cards.

            Nevada and Gambling

            When Nevada legalized gambling in 1931, the game was called 21. To draw people into casinos, they offered a special bet. A hand with either of the blackjacks, Jack of Spades or Clubs, plus Ace of Spades would be paid 10-to-1 odds for the player. They eventually stopped this but the name Blackjack stuck.

Card Counters vs. Casinos

            Changing the Game

            In the 1950s, card counters started to appear to beat the dealer again and again. There were probably other players who used this technique in previous years to beat the game. A book titled “Playing Blackjack to Win” became an immense success for many gamblers and ushered in the rise of card counters.


            A mathematician by nature, Edward Thorp created a ten-count system that had many casinos thinking hard and deep about their method in dealing cards. The Thorp method is only effective on games that were played using a single deck so casinos decided to use multiple decks in their Blackjack table.

Modern Times

            Internet boom

            The consensus is that the game was not invented by one person or country. It evolved over the centuries to what it is today. It still continues to evolve and thanks to the internet, it faces a new dawn of change not just for Blackjack put for other card games. Online casinos, determined to bring more people into the table, continue to tweak the game’s rules creating many different versions of Blackjack.

            Online Casinos

Despite casinos increasing their measures to detect card counters, Blackjack continues to be as popular as ever. The rise in popularity of the internet only ushered in new spaces for people to play the game. Soon, more and more variations of the game started to pop up, all with different rules and betting features.

            Live Blackjack

            One thing that people missed about playing Blackjack in real casinos was the ambiance. Although playing online is convenient, the atmosphere provided by a random number generator in place for a dealer is stale and uninteresting. This brought in real dealers to online games. New studios exclusively designed for online playing were built to cater to players. Video streams were greatly enhanced and camera set up that allows for many vantage points of the game means players are not obstructed during gameplay.