How to Handle Losing Blackjack

My tenure as a somewhat amateur blackjack player has been riddled with losing streaks. I expected this as much. At the end of the day, blackjack is still a game of luck no matter how adept you are at counting cards or calculating formulas. There is always a part of the game we have no control over and in that small percentage where we lose most. I’ve had my fair share of reaction to losing. I have had bouts of anger and a few instances of uncanny calmness. But what I’ve learned through all these experience is that how you handle winning is closely linked to how you handle losing.

Losing Gracefully

Expect the Inevitable

You win some and you lose some, as the saying goes. The faster you accept that fact the better you are at handling the lost. Everyone goes through losing and that is fact especially in card games like blackjack. The number of times I’ve lost is uncountable but the only way I was able to deal with it is because I was expecting it. Not expecting to lose a hand, but rather expecting to lose every once in a while. I’ve had it stenciled in my game so when it does happen I am able to reign in my emotion and handle it better.


You Lose More Than You Win

Statistically, or in my rough estimate, I’ve lost more blackjack games that I have won. But money wise I’ve won almost as much as I’ve lost. This is due to experience. I’ve learned to sort of predict a bad hand so I can minimize my losses. Likewise, I double my bet when I know I’m going to win. But this is all due to practice and hard work. I have invested time and effort in honing my skills in the game.

No Such Thing as Beginner’s Luck

Most of the loss I’ve experienced was when I was a newbie in Blackjack. This is to be expected; my skills at card counting or decision-making are not how it is now. I was inexperienced so I’ve made a lot of bad bets. My reaction to losing has also been developed during this period. I went from shouting accusatory words at the dealer to calming smiling as I leave my place in the table. It was a rough time in my blackjack “career” but a necessary one.

Never Blame

The game of blackjack all boils down to luck, pure and simple. Blaming yourself, the dealer, or others will absolutely get you nowhere. Blaming yourself will only undermine your confidence and the efforts you’ve put into honing your skills. And blaming others, especially the dealer will only get you kicked out and banned from the casino. The best thing to do is accept the loss and learn from it. Dissect it like you would a frog in biology class, understand the factors that lead you to lose and how best to avoid committing the same mistakes again.